Wedding FAQ

What type of music do you play at a wedding?

From 60’s soul to modern pop and everything in between, we’ve got you covered for any wedding. As an avid music lover, DJ G is able to play from a variety of decades so that everyone at your wedding – from ring bearers to grandparents – has an absolutely awesome time dancing the night away. Some of DJ G’s favorite genres include: 90s Hip Hop, Salsa, Top 40, House EDM, Country, and Soul. Check out some of our sample mixes here!


Do you use pre-mixed playlists?

Never! DJ G has honed his skills over the past decade, and mixes both classic and new songs on the fly – creating unique mashups that you and your guests can sing along to on the dance floor. Of course, after playing nearly 50 weddings over the past several years, DJ G recognizes what songs will motivate people to get out on the dance floor and what songs to avoid.


Do you MC events?

Absolutely! DJ G prides himself on making classy, clear, and concise announcements throughout each event so your guests know what is happening when. We are also perfectly accustomed to introducing bridal parties and, of course, building energy in the reception to introduce the newlywed couple. What we don’t do, is be a “hype-DJ” behind the turntables. We’re not going to scream at your crowd to get up and dance, put their hands in the air, or drop it low. Instead, we let the music do the talking.


How does DJ G ensure my party will run smoothly?

Communication is key. DJ G works with each client to create a timeline for each event so everyone involved in the wedding planning knows what will happen when. Clients are encouraged to rely on DJ G’s experience with weddings to create a reception itinerary that keeps guests engaged and having the time of their lives. During the event, DJ G will ensure the newlyweds are in the room for toasts, ready for special dances, and prepped to hit the dance floor with their best friends and family. Booking with DJ G means that you won’t ever have to worry about the timing of your evening.


Where have you played?

DJ G Events has played at over 50 venues throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. From outdoor tents, to hotels, art museums, restaurants, and public pavilions, we’ve played every type of venue, and are ready to make your event rock, no matter where it’s held!


Are the pictures on your website from past events?

Yes! All the photos you see on this site are from past events. DJ G acknowledges the great work of the many photographers who graciously provided the images you see throughout this site. If you need photographer or wedding planner recommendations, DJ G is happy to help!