About DJ G

For the past decade, DJ G Events has been providing the very best music and entertainment services to the greater Washington, D.C. area. We do not disappoint! Contact us now to reserve your date and rate!

I’ve been making mixtapes and dancing in my bedroom since I was six years old.  Whether it was gettin’ down with James Brown, air guitaring to Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, or chilling out with Bob Marley, I’ve always had an appreciation for an extremely wide variety of music.

As tapes fell by the wayside and were replaced with CD’s, I began making mix CD’s for friends and family and, as my CD collection grew, my musical horizons began to widen and encompass genres such as Jazz, Country, Nu-Disco, Electronic Dance Music, Afropop, and many others.  DJ G Events began as a way for me to share my ranging taste in music with others, and I began mixing tracks at house parties throughout the D.C. area.  House parties led to birthday parties, which led to proms, 50th wedding anniversaries, weddings, and so on.  DJ G Events has since grown from a bedroom hobby into a full service DJ profession.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, my passion for DJ’ing, and how we can make your event a memorable one, contact us now!